I am having drinks with my friend Ray, who I’ve known for about ten years now. I think I met him back when I was 15 or 16. He was the first man to give me a job, at Isabella’s Ice Cream and Desserts in Noe Valley. Although Isabella’s is no longer there, he still remains one of my really good old time friends. He was kind of like my gay dad growing up.

We lost contact in between 2006-2009/10 but I saw him in Washington, DC one day when I was crossing the street with the Lindsay, Amaya and Anthony after we had left happy hour at Commonwealth one night (probably Tuesday – all night happy hour). He hopped out of his car, gave me a big hug and we exchanged phone numbers. His partner, Andy, now works for the Department of the Interior and the two split their time between DC and San Francisco. Just like me.

Any way, he’s in town today so we’re going out for drinks, probably at Blackbird. They have really bomb drinks and it will be a nice place for both of us to check out the prospects – even though he’s committed, he still can look, right?

Ray was the first person to really make me feel comfortable in my skin, and unlike most of the adult role models I had growing up, he showed me that there was a future for me as a gay man.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Ray.



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