Why I Support Obama

Why I Support Obama

Love this. Sometimes, we all need a reminder about the important things.


4 thoughts on “Why I Support Obama

  1. Mookology. says:

    “he added 2.6 million private sector jobs to our economy” – where are these numbers coming from?? The poverty actually increased from 2008 to 2010 while the number of added jobs decreased.. Inflation and food stamp usage has spiked throughout his presidency, not to mention the price of gas is easily 3x as high as when Bush was in office. Sorry I don’t agree with this take on Obama at all. Unfortunately, every GOP candidate (with the exception of Ron Paul who doesn’t stand a chance) is a brainless idiot. So we’re screwed either way.

    • It makes sense that inflation and food stamp usage and gas would spike throughout his presidency – the recession was already well underway before he even stepped into office. These things happen very quickly but take a long time to recover from.

      I’m also sorry you don’t agree with this take on Obama at all – especially given you only seemingly disagree with 1 point on the poster.

      • Mookology. says:

        The whole these things take time argument comes up for every single presidency and everyone always blames what happened before they took office… It isn’t an excuse. And I believe the one point I disagree with affects our economic flow – healthcare and peoples rights included – so thats what is most important IMO. Also, it took almost 4 years to bring boys home from Iraq and only AFTER he sent hundreds of troops to the Middle East over the past few years. More lost lives.. and for what?

        FYI I’m just playing devils advocate here and like to point out that there is always another side to the story. Politics are just a game! And we are the innocent bystanders. It’s unfortunate.

  2. I hear you – I think that Obama has done some questionable things but I also still believe in him, despite all this. I agree we are all bystanders – politics are a massive chess game where money dictates decisions that affect millions of lives, oftentimes not for the best.

    I really hope that Republicans pull it together and reinvent themselves, or find good leaders for the party. No party should win by default – it defeats the point of democracy.

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