A Father’s Reaction to His Very Young Gay Son

An excerpt from an article written on the Huffington Post:

The idea that I would be immediately disappointed/angry/suicidal that my son identifies as gay offends me, both as a father and simply as a human. It seems the further we all move along into the 21st century in terms of technology, the more some parts of society regress to the 1950s — or the Victorian era, if we’re being honest — when it comes to ideas of social mores and attitudes on certain subjects: Ward Cleaver would have been angry if the Beaver had come out of the closet, so surely a father 60 years later would have the same reaction. I mean, come on, that’s only common sense!

Excuse me while I roll my eyes for an hour or two.

To read the full article, click here. Amelia, the author’s wife, also has an interesting article about her son “coming out.” Check it out here. Really fascinating stuff, and I think these parents are doing the right thing in supporting their son regardless of how young he is and how premature his proclamation seems to be.

Very emotional stuff. BRB, cutting onions.


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