Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

A portrait.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about him and he’s in a really shitty spot. When the Walking Dead started, he began his journey pretty much on his deathbed. He had to figure out the zombie apocalypse and what had gone down pretty much all on his own.

Then he goes on this mission to find his family, but his wife is pregnant with his best friend’s baby, to whom his son has grown incredibly fond of.

He realizes he has to kill his best friend, who has turned into a psychopath bent on destruction. Furthermore, his wife all but ASKED him to kill his best friend, and then grew cold and distant when it actually occurred.

The weight of his actions and the lives of everyone he cared for created a megalomaniac to emerge within Rick, which forced him to lead his group to near starvation and total desperation in the following 8 months.

After finding a home in a filthy, tomb-like prison, his wife is killed by his failure to protect her, and he begins to hallucinate visions of her around their once-home.

He has the weight of the world, or the lives of a few dozen survivors on his shoulders now. What a shitty hand to be dealt.

I feel you, Rick. Stay strong.

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